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Sunny Side-Up | Playful Guide of Strength & Wit!

“When you feel good, you function well” It’s a simple yet profound truth that underscores the importance of our emotional well-being in our professional lives. When we’re allowed to utilize our strengths 💪 those things that bring us joy, energize us, and come naturally, our performance and productivity soar to new heights ⬆

Most of us have grown up with the notion that improvement equates to fixing what’s wrong with us. We live in a world where the constant pursuit of self-improvement often seems synonymous with fixing what’s broken or addressing developmental shortcomings 😞 It’s disheartening to see the term ‘improvement’ predominantly linked to our perceived flaws and areas needing enhancement. Consider the scenario of your boss asking you for a meeting to discuss “areas of improvement.” Immediately, the alarm bells start ringing 🚨and you wonder what you’ve done wrong. This mindset, ingrained in us from a young age, often leads to stress and anxiety.

But what if, instead of dwelling on our weaknesses, we embraced a different approach? Imagine your boss calling you in to discuss your exceptionally high engagement figures. Suddenly, the narrative changes from “I’ve done something wrong” to “I’m doing something incredibly right” 😀

Strength-Based Improvement The most significant insight I’ve gleaned from self-help books 📚 is the science behind strength-based improvements, which goes beyond the mere mending of weaknesses. While addressing areas of weakness is essential, these weaknesses will never magically transform into strengths. Instead, we should invest our time and energy in cultivating and amplifying our natural talents, those activities that bring us joy and energize us ♥ the strength-based science offers a refreshing perspective. It invites us to celebrate our inherent strengths, embrace joy, wonder, and curiosity, and leverage these superpowers to excel both in our personal and professional lives. So, the next time your boss wants to meet to discuss “areas of improvement,” remember that it might just be an opportunity to amplify your superpowers and achieve greatness. After all, the path to success is paved with joy, not just corrections 🌈

So, Whats-next? In our quest to unleash our inner superpowers, it’s crucial to start by identifying these hidden talents within us. I’ve explore various method to recognize my own strengths and wanted to share a few with you so that you can too celebrate the unique qualities that makes you exceptional.

1. The Survey Route One of the most straightforward methods to know your strengths is through surveys. Many workplaces who nurture their people like BCG offers surveys designed to unearth your unique strengths, both within and outside of the professional world. However, while surveys provide valuable insights, they’re just the tip of the iceberg 🧊

2. Tune into Yourself Beyond surveys, the art of identifying your strengths involves tuning into yourself. Think about those moments when you effortlessly slip into a state of flow ⚡ These are the times when your energy levels surge, your motivation soars, and the learning curve seems almost negligible. Recognize those areas where you seem to excel with ease and where your passion burns bright. These are the breadcrumbs leading you toward your strengths.

3. The Energy Test Here’s a simple yet effective test. Imagine using your non-dominant hand for a task you’re accustomed to performing with your dominant hand. It’s a bit like trying to write with your feet—frustrating, time-consuming, and the results are often far from perfect 😅 This exercise brilliantly illustrates the energy and effort required to build up a weakness. Conversely, using your strengths feels invigorating, effortless, and leaves you brimming with energy.

4. The Social Mirror Sometimes, we’re too close to our strengths to see them clearly. Enter the social mirror, a powerful tool for identifying what sets you apart. Engage in conversations with colleagues, friends, and loved ones, and ask them where they perceive your strengths 💬 This technique, known as strength spotting, can unveil aspects of your character that you might have overlooked 🔍

Be aware of Strength Blindness The term “strength blindness” might strike a chord with many of us. It’s the ironic phenomenon where we become oblivious to our innate strengths, often because they come so naturally to us. Our strengths are part of both nature and nurture, shaped by our unique potential and environmental influences 🌱 Yet, we often take them for granted, assuming that everyone possesses these gifts.

Conclusion In a world that often fixates on our weaknesses and developmental goals, understanding and celebrating our strengths can be transformative. The journey begins with recognizing your unique talents and capabilities, whether through surveys, introspection, or the insights of those around you. As you embark on this self-discovery voyage, remember that your strengths are the building blocks of your success and the keys to unlocking your true potential. Embrace them, amplify them, and let your inner superpowers shine ⭐ Your journey towards a more joyful, wonder-filled, and successful life starts here 😊


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