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Cultural Fluidity: Breaking Down Barriers

As I sat down to watch a movie, little did I know that it would spark a powerful revelation. A very rare scenario given the movies being released lately 😉 However, I was completely taken aback this Saturday in fact it transpired to a much deeper provocation to delve into cultural fluidity. If you are working in any MNC then it goes without saying that you have to work with people from different cultures. Each culture has its own norms and beliefs that go beyond generations. Hence, to truly work as a team or harness camaraderie, cultural fluidity is essential for organizations and clearly in communities as well. By embracing cultural fluidity, organizations can create a more inclusive and collaborative environment, where people from different cultures can work together to achieve common goals and create positive change. 🫶

Unless we comprehend what are these invisible norms or aware of the belief structure one won’t be able to succeed. However, this movie goes beyond professional success and career. It delves into the depths of love and the sacrifices we make for those we hold dearest. If you have kids, this movie speaks to you at so many different levels. I kept gazing at Anaisha long after she was asleep and how empty my life would have been without her 💖

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I am talking about “Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway” and as you read beyond, I just wanted to share a spoiler alert!

Based on a true story of a young couple who faced immense hardship and discrimination because of their cultural background Without giving many things away, I believe this case brought up important questions about cultural sensitivity and the need to balance individual rights with cultural norms and expectations. As the story unfolded, I found myself becoming increasingly drawn toward treating cultural awareness as a necessity rather than a luxury. The ability to adapt and evolve one’s cultural beliefs, values, and practices in response to changing circumstances and new experiences. In a rapidly changing globalized world, cultural fluidity should be given the due reverence it deserves as people from diverse backgrounds come into contact with each other and cultural boundaries become more fluid. It was a humbling and eye-opening moment that made me think deeply about the power of empathy and understanding in our interconnected world. In order to build strong and inclusive communities, we need to be willing to engage with and learn from people of different cultural backgrounds and be open to adapting our own beliefs and practices as needed to find common ground and create positive change.

Watching Rani Mukherjee in this particular movie was truly a remarkable experience. Her ability to convey raw emotions in a way that feels authentic and honest is truly awe-inspiring. From the very first scene, Mukherjee’s performance draws you in and makes you feel deeply invested in the character’s journey.

This movie urged me to realize that it was more than just a legal dispute. It was a powerful example of the challenges that arise when different cultural norms and values come into conflict. Mrs. Chatterjee’s beliefs and values were deeply ingrained in her identity, and she felt that complying with those would compromise that identity. But at the same time, the local government had a responsibility to ensure that its citizens were abiding by the laws and regulations of the country.

What strikes much deeper in this story is the powerful bond between a mother and her child. In all species, whether it is a Tigeress loving her cubs or a Kangaroo taking care of joey, a mother’s love for her child is one of the strongest and most fundamental instincts, and separating a mother from her child can be a traumatic and devastating experience. This underscores the importance of considering not only cultural differences but also the basic human need for love and connection between a mother and her child. In any situation where a child is being taken away from their mother, it’s important to approach it with sensitivity and compassion and to recognize the trauma that can be caused by such a separation💖

This movie is an absolute must-see. You won’t want to miss out on this!




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