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Communicator’s Roadmap

In the world of BCG, where industry titans choreograph success, communication isn’t just a tool; it’s our North Star. Take, for instance, the inspiring journey of John Legend. Long before he graced Grammy stages, he was part of our BCG family, where he honed his communication skills.

In my previous blog, we delved into the common pitfalls to avoid in communication. Today, let’s take a deeper dive into the symphony of communication styles 🎶 and learn how to wield it effectively on our path to greatness ⭐Remember, this isn’t just about consulting; it’s about recognizing that communication is the driving force behind success in any industry. As John Legend’s story beautifully exemplifies, the ability to communicate effectively can propel you from one stage of your career to the next, transforming dreams into reality 🥇

Mastering the Communicator’s Roadmap

Informing: Imagine a magician revealing all the secrets behind their tricks but leaving you to figure out how to pull off the illusion. That’s informing. It’s the information dump, the data deluge, the facts and figures served up for your intellectual appetite. Remember, substance matters, but presentation is the spice of communication ☺

Directing: This is the style of “I’m the captain now.” It’s when someone in charge tells you exactly what to do. Your boss probably uses it to make sure you follow their orders. But remember, even captains must inspire their crew to sail to new horizons 🚢

Entertaining: Think of the stand-up comedians who make you double over with laughter or the heartstring-tugging stories that unleash a flood of tears. You can find this style practiced by talk show hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, and it usually comes without any instructions. This is the entertaining style, meant to stir your emotions. Yet, let’s not forget, an emotional connection without a purpose can leave you feeling like you just watched a movie without an ending 😅

Inspiring: Now, this is where the real magic happens. In the inspiring style, the communicator takes your emotions on a rollercoaster ride but doesn’t stop there. They sprinkle in highly relevant content that not only moves you but also compels you to take action. This is where lasting impact is born ⚡

Crafting Your Inspiring Communication

In the world of BCG, where we aim for excellence, we’re not content with mere information sharing. We aspire to inspire 🌱 Here’s how you can connect the dots between what we discussed earlier and becoming an inspiring communicator:

Embrace Emotional Connection: You had me at hello!💜Just like we strive for unwavering perseverance, let your communication be unwaveringly human. Show your audience that you’re not just a source of data but a beacon of authenticity. It’s the kind of connection that breeds trust and forges bonds

Make It All About Them: What I’ve learned from leaders is that focus is always on the collective journey. When you’re an inspiring communicator, your audience becomes the hero of your story. Remember, even in the world of great leaders, it’s the collective force that propels us forward.

Upgrade Message and Emotion: As we learned in our journey, preparation is a weapon in your communication arsenal. Combine that preparation with emotion, and you’ll move from merely sharing facts to crafting narratives. Your communication will not just inform; it will transform. As our favorite John Keating aka Robin Williams said Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary!


So, as bibliophiles who understand the magic of words, let’s not just confine it to the pages of books. Let’s wield it in our conversations and interactions. Craft your message with flair, deliver it authentically, and watch as you inspire others to join your epic concert of transformation.

Here’s to mastering the art of communication and rocking the world with your influence, side by side with industry titans.

Rock on!

Bibliophile Parul

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