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6 Insights from Gallup’s recent report | The State of Global Workplace 2023

Did you know employee engagement has a direct impact on business outcomes, including productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction? 😃 In my recent blog post titled ‘9 to Thrive,’ I encountered a few individuals who expressed the belief that employee engagement is inconsequential and that it solely revolves around monetary compensation. While I value different perspectives, I find it hard to fathom the shallow nature of such an approach. 🤔 I mean just think about it, there is a multitude of factors that contribute to this relationship between employer and employee, setting organizations like BCG, Apple, and Google apart from others. 💡 Hence, if you’re eager to uncover the secret ingredients that drive culture, employee motivation, and engagement, I encourage you to keep reading and delve deeper into the insights that lie ahead. 👀📚

Being in this profession for more than twelve years, Gallup and Mercer’s reports are like a feast for us, providing a bountiful spread of actionable insights that we devour eagerly. 🍽️ While Gallup and Mercer focus on distinct aspects of the employee journey, both play vital roles in helping us make informed decisions and prioritizing initiatives that yield positive outcomes. 📊

Gallup’s recent reports highlight there is a direct relationship between engagement and organizational performance, demonstrating the business case for investing in employee well-being. If you’re skeptical about the power of engagement in driving success, this blog is here to debunk some myths. Here are the 6 key takeaways from the report. ✨😊

Insight 1: Employee Engagement on the Rise

According to a recent report shared by Gallup, 23% of the world’s employees were engaged at work in 2022, the highest level since 2009 when global engagement measurement began. Despite a decline in engagement in 2020, it has returned to its historically positive trend. This increase in engagement is excellent news for employees who find their work meaningful and rewarding. 💪😃

Insight 2: Quiet Quitting and Loud Quitting

The majority of employees fall into the categories of “quiet quitting” (not engaged) or “loud quitting” (actively disengaged). While engagement is on the rise, there is still much work to be done. Quiet quitters are employees who fill a seat and watch the clock, showing minimal effort and feeling psychologically disconnected from their employers. Loud quitters take actions that harm the organization due to broken trust or role mismatch. 🔇🚫

Insight 3: The Impact of Engagement on Stress

Despite the global recovery from the pandemic, employee stress remained at a record-high level in 2022. 44% of employees reported experiencing a lot of stress the previous day.

Gallup’s analysis reveals that engagement has 3.8 times more influence on employee stress than work location. Engaged employees reported significantly lower stress levels in their lives. 💼

Insight 4: Widespread Resurgence in Jobs

In 2022, the world experienced a widespread resurgence in jobs. 53% of employees believed it was a good time to find a job in their area, indicating increased job opportunities and the ability for dissatisfied workers to seek better workplaces. This shift provides opportunities for employees to find work they truly enjoy. 🌍

Insight 5: Intent to Leave and Employee Engagement

More than half of the global employees expressed some level of intent to leave their current jobs. Gallup data consistently show that engaged employees require a higher pay increase to consider switching organizations compared to disengaged employees. Engaging employees creates a protective environment, reducing the likelihood of turnover. 🚫

Insight 6: Employee Desires for Workplace Improvement

Gallup’s report asked employees what they would change about their workplaces to make them better. The responses from quiet quitting employees emphasized engagement or culture, pay and benefits, and well-being and work-life balance. Addressing these areas can significantly impact employee satisfaction and retention. 🌱


The Gallup Report 2023 provides valuable insights into the state of the global workplace. While employee engagement is on the rise, there is still a significant number of employees who are not fully engaged. Leaders must prioritize engagement and focus on creating a positive work environment. By addressing the factors that contribute to disengagement and stress, organizations can improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and ultimately, their bottom line.

If you want to know more, would strongly urge you to check out the State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report by Gallup, here is the link to the detailed report




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