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5 TED Talks to develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

As we sit back and reflect, here are some questions for you to ponder as we enter the new year

  1. If you have just one word to describe 2022, what would that be?

  2. What was the best new thing you learned?

  3. Who made a difference in your life?

  4. What was the challenge you faced?

If you’ve risen through the ranks in IT, you certainly have technology acumen. Now, when you are in a management role, you certainly require more complex skills called “soft skills” 😉 These are the single most essential skills that can help you create a strong team and build synergies and capabilities. In order to develop such a strong unit, one needs to comprehend how people work along & essential to figure out what makes them tick. If you’re like me then you already know learning about soft skills or building interpersonal skills requires much more than good communication. This calls for understanding the emotions not only of your team members but also of your own. Understanding emotions can actually help one to contribute more value to the business than you think since it enables you to build an authentic connection. Developing intelligence about your emotions is crucial in today’s VUCA world since it can help you pre-empt your own reactions with certainty. Hence, EQ is one of the key skills to harness in 2023 not only to map your own triggers but also to gauge the mix of emotions that others are going through. Thus, EQ can be explained as the ability of the person to comprehend not only other emotions but also one’s own emotions.

Hence, I am sharing a list of eye-opening Ted Talks that can help you enhance your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). All the speakers from the below list come from a variety of disciplines that offer insights into empathy and the inner working of the mind. Furthermore, I have always leveraged these TED Talks when I found myself in a tongue-tied situation. What we say, and even what we think to become effective communicators, managers, and decision-makers.

1. The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

The first on my list is TED Talk from Dr. Brene Brown who is well-established for her research on human connections. I love the way she describes herself, as a researcher-storyteller & this video is a perfect testament to why.

Click on the picture for YouTube link to The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

In her research, Dr. Brown explores the classic parallel between vulnerability and human shame. Hiding our vulnerability becomes the priority because fear them. However, it can also become the center of joy, love, and creativity. If you want to how to do check out this TED Talk. With an optimum dose of humor, Brown’s intriguing talk will help you to spot opportunities in adversity!

2. Embrace the Shake by Phil Hansen

Phil Hansen always dreamt of becoming an artist but due to a tremor that developed in his body impacting his hands, he was completely devastated. In this incredible 10-minute talk, he enables us to embrace the power of perspective that can transform seemingly insurmountable obstacles into gifts in disguise.

Click on the picture for YouTube link to Embrace the Shake by Phil Hansen

3. How My Mind Came Back to Life & No One Knew by Martin Pistorius

We might take for granted our physical and mental capabilities but there are a set of people amongst us who never give up even though all the odds are stacked against them.

Click on the picture for YouTube link to How My Mind Came Back to Life & No One Knew by Martin Pistoriu

If you want to understand this better, take a dive into this TED Talk, Martin Pistorius contracted a brain infection at the young age of 12 years. Due to this, he lost the ability to communicate with others. Martin’s parents were told that he had become a “vegetable” and was no longer mentally aware. However, in reality, Martin’s mind had begun to knit itself together. I am sure this talk is going to cry and at the same time make you smile too. Our brain is remarkable and it’s crucial to go beyond the first impressions.

4. How to Spot a Liar by Pamela Meyer

Isn’t it usual, we’re lied to up to 100 times a day? The majority of the time, our own desires lead us to believe in these lies and treat them as truth. Hence, this TED Talk is all the more powerful since it helps us comprehend these needs and enable us to keep an eye out for some telltale signs of deception. We’ll get better at identifying the signs that someone is lying and might not have our best interest at heart. Pamela, a profound author of bestsellers like Liespotting, leverages videos of politicians as well as one murderer that will help you learn how to spot a liar.

Click on the picture for YouTube link to How to Spot a Liar by Pamela Meyer

5. Why aren’t we more compassionate by Daniel Goleman

This is by far my favorite TED Talk that delves deeper into the question of why we sometimes do or don’t stop to help a stranger in need. Daniel Goleman is also the author of the bestseller Emotional Intelligence and helped in bringing due reverence term EQ deserves. A simple shift in the way we think can make us more compassionate and a much better leaders.

Click on the picture for YouTube link to Why aren’t we more compassionate by Daniel Goleman

I am certain if you spend some time on these TED Talks it would certainly add value. You might just listen to them while you are driving or cooking but do give them a few minutes of yours.


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