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5 Big Ideas from Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King

Hey You, are you Happy? Are you really Happy?

Let me open this post with this question, it’s ok if you don’t have the answer to it yet but urge yourself to ask this. We all are running a chase and in a constant loop of striving for excellence, hence our definition could be earning more money or more free time or maybe a different role in a different job. However, this is not how happiness work and perhaps the reason you feel that void between your reality vis-à-vis the expectations. We all are doing the best we can with what we have but then why do feel low? feel down and don’t focus on things that impact our Happiness Quotient. In this post, we will talk about how we can unlock our best life and some practical fundas to welcome joy in our world. I will be referencing the inspirational wisdom as well as insightful advice from the book “Good Vibes Good Life” written by millennial author Vex King. Well, let’s just say this post may become your guide to enhancing your Happiness Quotient

Big Idea 1 – Our Thoughts dictate Our Reality

The idea goes that if you believe something good will happen, you make it more likely that it will happen. Applying the law of attraction, we become a magnet of our thoughts. If we dwell on negative thoughts and expect the worst, then we enhance the probability that this will come true instead. I was always confused with this law (even more than Murphy’s Law). Although, there could be some success using the law of attraction,, it doesn’t always deliver. Even though we practice thinking positively, our thoughts are bound to be accompanied by some negative feelings. It’s always the combination of both – good and bad, right else why at all do we plan for contingencies? This blend of both makes me feel very confused and inauthentic, not a great recipe for success.

However, this book comes up with a solution to the problem of the law of vibration. As per this law, when we radiate positive energy then our reality gets positively charged. I know it might sound too farfetched however the book is based on scientific pieces of evidence (which I personally like a lot). We all are made from atoms that vibrate, hence like every matter, our thoughts, as well as emotions, also vibrate. Our loving emotions, joys, and happiness have a high vibrational frequency relative to being angry, depressed, and frustrated. Author Vex, explains how we can tap into these vibrations to impact the world that surrounds us. Similar to an atom and its vibration starting vibrating at the same frequency, our emotions also vibrate at a much higher level which results in the external world becoming more joyful.

Big Idea 2 – Setting your Vibrational Frequency

As per the research performed on human psychology, we draw emotional energy from our vicinity. Hence, irrespective of how much people tell us to remain positive but if we are surrounded by people who are constantly negative then we are bound to think like them. On the contrary, even when things are difficult, summoning positive energy from our surroundings can change how we feel. Therefore, in order to catch on to the positive vibrations, it is essential to invest more time with people who are positive and inspire you to perform better. Quoting from the book, “Good Vibrations are Contagious”, if you hang out with friends who exuberate love and positivity, then their emotional state will rub off on you. Hence, once you start to vibrate on their high frequency then you will start attracting even more positive energy and people in your life.

The second strategy that you can use to heighten your emotional frequency is to consciously practice positive body language. According to the research, it has been proven that smiling as a practice can give you a boost of endorphins – feel-good chemicals. Next time you feel terrible, try forcing yourself to smile and feel the difference. Try out reels on Instagram or strike a pose, this can help you give an emotional boost.

The third strategy is to take a pause from socializing and step back from the constant chase. This can help you recharge your batteries. Try spending time on yourself doing what you love, it can be gardening or reading that can help stabilize your mood.

Big Idea 3 – Cut-out the Toxicity

Now we know that spending time with a positive attitude can lift our vibrations to a higher level as well as enable us to be the best version of ourselves. But, the reverse is also true…which means if you are around negative people that could leave you feeling weak, insecure, and hopeless. Yes, I know we can argue nobody can make us feel anything and a secure person can’t be brought down by others yet most of us aren’t Lord Buddha right and we all get affected by the surrounding energy. Therefore, if you don’t reduce interactions with these people, you’ll start vibrating at their frequencies, soon passing their vibes to others like small conflicts at home becoming a big quarrel.

The key essence here is, if you’re entangled with negativity then you wouldn’t be able to grow on your strengths. Like it is crucial not to accept the toxic people in life similarly it is important to reject/reduce our own toxic behavior too. Reflect on times, when you were out of line…we often excuse our actions by saying we were in a bad mood or feeling upset. We presume that all around us are fine and since we feel miserable, we have the right to act out. However, the fact of the matter is we don’t know what others are going through.

Big Idea 4 – How to become more Secure

Today, if I ask you a list of 3 things you love, what would you put on your list? Would you list yourself in top 3…It’s a sad plight that the majority of us wouldn’t that’s because our society is struggling from the absence of self-love. It’s often experienced, we are consumed with what other people think about us do they like us and we don’t stop to ponder whether we like/love ourselves. The key is to give yourself due to the reverence you deserve. This reverence can help build your confidence which can be radiated from your actions. Insecurities can cripple your creativity and contaminate your closet relationships. Hence, if you don’t love yourself then others will pick up on the negative vibes that can manifest in more negative energy.

Big Idea 5 – Roots of Unhappiness or Seeds of Joy

If you have read, Mindset by Carol Dwek or Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman you can easily relate to the next segment of the post. You see, learning to love ourselves is all good but coming to a state where we are comfortable with changes is by understanding our brain better. We have two minds in play instead of one – conscious and sub-conscious mind. The former holds all the feelings, thoughts, and information that you’re consciously aware of. Latter is our un/sub-conscious mind. It entails all the assumptions and beliefs that constantly play below the surface. Taking the analogy from the book, our conscious mind is like our garden while our subconscious mind is like the soil where the garden grows. The message I could gather is that we can choose to sow either the seeds of joy or the roots of unhappiness. Our beliefs are the seeds that take root in our conscious mind – hence we can have helpful beliefs that can lead us to a serene garden or we can have unhelpful beliefs that can lead to a toxic wasteland. In order to change our reality, we need to weed out the bad seeds!

I feel that Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King is an essential read to survive the hardships in life and break through these challenges. It has a strong message to send good vibes out in the world, while the universe rewards you back with the good thing. Radiate positivity and vibrate higher by loving yourself as well as connecting with great people who can help you take small steps to big goals.


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