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This week turned out to be more festive than expected, between color-hues from Holi to the cheerful arrival of Easter bunnies 🐰 But the true highlight was the celebration of ideas and kinship. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to unite an exceptional group of women for a discussion on Women in Tech from our BCG’s Tech & Digital Advantage practice. Creating a platform that goes beyond professional interactions, this initiative fosters a vibrant community where women can share their personal and professional journeys, learn from the experiences of others, ignite inspiration, and engage in meaningful conversations that matter 📌


As per the Mercer's 2023 Global Talent Trends and 2023 Inside Employee's Mind indicate that companies with diverse leadership teams are 35% more likely to outperform their peers, emphasizing the economic imperative for gender equity in the workforce.


Mercer's 2023 research shines a light on an exciting truth: embracing diversity at the top isn't just good practice; it's smart business. Companies celebrating varied voices in leadership aren't just winning in inclusivity—they're also 35% more likely to lead the pack in performance. It's no surprise that BCG stands out as a leader in consulting, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations.


If this blog has caught your eye, get ready for a worthwhile five-minute adventure. I'll be sharing the powerful wisdom of women in tech, who've mastered the art of navigating this industry with boldness and creativity. In their stories, you're likely to find a piece of your own, a familiar struggle or triumph that speaks to you 💜


The three wonder women who graced this platform have aced time & again. They excel in their fields, yet they're always evolving, juggling countless tasks while lifting others along the way. Seeing people in roles we aspire to profoundly affects our ambitions and career choices. When we see others like themselves in diverse and successful roles, it demystifies pathways to success and makes ambitious goals seem achievable. That is why representation becomes so crucial for breaking stereotypes and expanding what people believe is possible for themselves.


Here are my 5 Key Takeaways


Resilience and Adaptability - Life and careers are rarely linear. The stories shared brings the importance of resilience—the ability to bounce back from setbacks—and adaptability, the capacity to pivot in response to changing circumstances. These qualities enable individuals to navigate through uncertainties and challenges, turning potential obstacles into stepping stones toward achieving their goals.


Community & Networks - The journey to success is seldom a solo endeavor. Having a robust support system, whether through mentorship, family encouragement, or community support, can provide the necessary guidance, motivation, and resources 🌱 Supportive networks can help individuals overcome doubts, provide critical advice, and open doors to opportunities that might not have been accessible otherwise.


Going the Extra Mile - Achieving something extraordinary often requires more than the minimum effort. This means innovatively tackling problems, persistently pursuing excellence, and not shying away from challenges 🔥 This extra effort can differentiate between the ordinary and the extraordinary, highlighting the importance of dedication and creativity in realizing one’s aspirations.


Time Boxing - Adding time boxing as a strategy has been crucial too ⏲️ Setting specific time limits for tasks can boost our focus and efficiency, helping us to make the most of our day.


Growth Mindset - A growth mindset fosters a love for learning, resilience essential for great accomplishment, and views challenges as opportunities to grow rather than insurmountable obstacles. Adopting a growth mindset can significantly impact personal and professional development, encouraging continuous improvement and a proactive approach to overcoming difficulties.


As we move forward, let's carry with us the lessons learned from these wonder women. Let's dare to dream big, support each other, and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. I truly believe every small step taken is a part of a larger journey towards achieving greatness 🌈 Together, with our shared ambitions and collective efforts, we can pave the way for a future where our daughters will thrive in workplaces that inspire and empower.





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