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Pressure-Proof Your Poise

This is a trigger warning! no not of anything else, but your everyday triggers 🚨


Life often throws us into situations that test our limits, shake our foundations, and make us question the very purpose of our existence🍋 We encounter numerous triggers daily—someone's dismissive attitude, an infuriating tone of voice—seemingly small things that can significantly impact our emotional state. These reactions often stem from unresolved emotions deeply embedded in our past, continuously seeking expression in our present. How we respond to these trials can define the course of our lives.

Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning offers not just a chronicle of his survival in concentration camps, but a guide to finding purpose and meaning in all forms of existence, even the most brutal ones. His insights are particularly resonant today, as we navigate personal and global challenges that test our resilience and will. Understanding and managing these triggers is crucial, not just for personal well-being, but also for those aiming to excel in high-performance roles, particularly leadership 🌱


The Wisdom of Viktor Frankl


Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist, and Holocaust survivor uses his experiences to explore deeper philosophical and psychological questions about the nature of suffering and the human search for meaning. He introduces a powerful concept: between the moment of stimulus (the trigger) and our response, there lies a space. Though it may feel trivial, this space is crucial—it's where we have the power to choose our response, and by extension, dictate our growth and freedom 💜


Key takeaways to remain steadfast under pressure


Each Trigger is a personal lesson: Every emotional trigger we encounter has something to teach us. Instead of reacting impulsively, ask yourself: What can I learn from this? This reflection not only helps in managing the trigger but also aids in personal and professional development.


Pause and Reflect: Frankl's concept of 'space' can be accessed by simply pausing. Whether it means taking a deep breath, stepping out for a walk, or taking a timeout, these actions allow us to engage with this space actively. Over time, practicing this pause can strengthen our ability to choose our responses more wisely, transforming knee-jerk reactions into thoughtful decisions.


The Role of Love: As shared in the book and felt personal, love is the ultimate and the highest goal to which one can aspire. He reflects on his own life and finds that thinking of his wife in the darkest times brought him inner peace, highlighting love's power to transcend the physical state and limitations.


The Pursuit of Purpose, Not Happiness: It is not the pursuit of happiness that provides fulfillment but the pursuit of a reason to be happy. When we commit ourselves to a cause greater than ourselves or choose to love another selflessly, happiness naturally follows. This shift in perspective directs us to engage fully in life and derive satisfaction from that engagement.


 Here is how you can get the Edge over others!


For people managers or high-performing team members, mastering this space between stimulus and response is not just about self-control—it's about setting a powerful example for resilience, thoughtfulness, and emotional intelligence. It equips one to handle crises with grace and make decisions that are not only reactive but are proactive.


So, while triggers are inevitable, our responses to them are within our control. By using triggers as opportunities to engage with our inner selves, we can turn moments of potential conflict into powerful lessons for personal and professional growth. Let's strive to transform our reactions into responses that reflect our deepest values and aspirations.


"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves"



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